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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Growing in the Lord

My little man who is 7 is braver than I would have ever been. I was extremely shy and Mama and Daddy got me involved in Scouting to help with that, But I digress. Sunday night my sweet boy got up and led a song during our evening worship and then presented a short lesson on the faith of Abraham. The thoughts were all his. He read the scriptures for himself and drew conclusions from them. Between our preacher giving pointers and Daddy recording him as he spoke. His daddy was able to type of his lesson for him. What joy there is in watching God answer prayers we've been praying and continue to pray for him. He has a sweet tender heart and his ability to reason out God's word amazes me. (And I know I'm mama and I'm biased but he is amazing)
My sweetheart and I have loved and wanted to work with children even before we were married. We had it all planned out, we would have our own children almost grown at this point and we would have begun to foster newborns. We then would begin to foster younger children, and then teens after our children had left home. Well so far God has other plans, and we'll walk the path we've been given.
A prayer that both of us prayed was that if God would give us a baby we would do our best to return him to the Father. I'm so thankful that I don't have to do as Hannah did and literally leave hi at the temple to serve and see him only a few times. I've been blessed with a stubborn, mule-headed husband. You either love him or hate him. Once he makes his mind up it's rare to change it. But it's that determination I see growing in my little man. He wants to serve God with the same stubbornness and mule headedness that his Daddy has.
It's a special treat to see my little man stand in the pulpit to lead a song all by himself. He was 3 weeks old when his daddy took him to the front with him on a singing night to lead a song. I've been so blessed to watch my two boys lead songs from that point on. People in our area would comment on how my baby was growing based on how daddy held him for those singings. He eventually stood on the pulpit or a table down front with daddy holding those little legs. Now my big boy gets up all by himself, blows the note, starts the song, and sings out so the congregation can follow him, and once he's comfortable and his knees quit knocking he even beats time.
I'm blessed to be the wife of a man who takes his job as spiritual leader of our home seriously, and the mother of a son who loves both his earthly and heavenly father.
God is good, His love endures forever!!

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  1. Sam,
    Glad to find your blog and great to see that your two are doing an apparently good job with your little man. Keep up the good parenting.