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  • Time Spent With Family
  • Bedtime Prayers
  • Family/Group Hugs
  • The Beach
  • Good Friends
  • Good Music
  • Laughter

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How Chronic Pain Affects the Family

I so totally intended to start this blog business with our adoption story, but God seems to be steering me in another direction. When one person in a family deals with chronic pain, then the whole family does. It's important for the member dealing with pain to remember that all the emotions we feel about dealing with pain the rest of our family does to.
My sweet son is so tender hearted and does not like to see anyone hurt. He tends to befriend the underdog and will cry just looking at pictures of children who live w/o mommies and daddies and basic needs. I've said all that to say, that I have to remember to give him the room to be angry at the headache and sad when after all his praying and begging God for the headache to go away that it's still here.
He's had a tough time on both fronts over the last week. He wants mama to get in the floor and play and there are times I just can't bend over and get down on the floor to play (yes, we've offered the alternative of moving to the kitchen table but a Galactic Battle is just better in your own room with multiple places to hide your warriors :). After me telling him no and I had left the room, we heard him say "I hate that stupid headache." Daddy ever my protector, was ready to go take care of business and this was one of the few times I caught him and asked him to pretend we didn't hear. I hate this headache to and my Knight in Shining Armor has been working to slay that dragon with me for 11 years. Anger is a part of chronic pain it doesn't allow us to do what we want when we want.
Bedtime prayers is both my favorite and hardest part of he day. Since my little man turned three every night he prays for God to take away my headache really,really ....really soon. Sunday night, we came home from church and I made the off comment that my head was screaming at me. He was really tired to begin with, but he began to cry, then weep, and to mourn because he doesn't like seeing mama hurt (I promise I do my best to keep it out of conversation and to keep it from messing with my boys lives too much). He cried, I cried, and daddy cried, and we prayed. It's so hard to answer the why won't God take the headache away question. I struggle with that question as an adult. I guess our biggest challenge is to teach that this life really isn't that long when compared to eternity and to make the best of the good days, hours, and moments.To find the joy in all things and to find a way to use it all for God's glory.
This blog today is probably more therapy for me than any thing else. Thanks for allowing me to share with you. Please remember us in your prayers, we know that that is where the power is. Love to all.